Usher's Ministry

In modern times, the church usher has many duties. Depending on the church's denomination, size, and preferences, ushers may perform all, some, or a few of the following: (1) Greet people entering the service, (2) Seat attendees (though it is common for attendees to seat themselves), (3) Collect the tithes and offering,(4) Keep order at the entrance, (5) Clean and prepare the Church, (6) Count people in service, (7) Distributing and collecting surveys (such as visitor pamphlets), (8) Distribute bulletins and service programs , and (9)Prepare the altar for service.

Ushers are required to be punctual and time conscious as they are required to be in the church far earlier than the rest of the congregation, who may still be at Sunday school or before or during Sunday school. Since they are part of the service, they need to meet early in order to pray with the usher team. Adequate spiritual preparation by the usher ensures a service full of the presence of God.