Men's Ministry

The Men's Fellowship of Victory House is committed to diligent studies while bringing about the best of interaction in fellowship. Like the Apostles in the Acts of Apostles, they readily share all they have (information, ideas, connections, philosophy, jokes, financial resources, etc.) to the advantage of all, even as they preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus.The primary focus is for all men to achieve excellence by performing all things decently and in order as tutored by Apostle Paul.


Women's Ministry

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The women insist that they were the first to see Jesus after resurrection. Consequently, the Women Fellowship of Victory House-Rialto, Ca, are committed to seeing Jesus first at every program, event and activity. They are highly organized. They show and share love at every opportunity. In the place of prayers, they present all petitions to the throne of grace selflessly. They are also devoted to studying the word and praying for the betterment of the church, its membership and the world.


Children's Ministry

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Through activities, lessons and homework assignments, the children are being built up to grow as young Christians who are filled with the Word of God. 


Youth and Singles Ministry

In the Youth and Singles Ministry, we welcome all singles and young adults who are yet to be married, We encourage everyone to be participate fully in the house of the Lord. We all know that in a believers church like ours, RCCG, the majority of the population is made up of young people who are able and willing to serve the Lord, and at this time they need encouragement. Not only serving by coming to church on Sundays but to be part of the church in all activities, such as weekly activities, cleaning, organizing, teaching, and loving one another.You will also agree with me that the young adults need encouragement in areas of tithe payment. The church also need such funds to make things or our LORD put in place.


Welfare Ministry

The Welfare Ministry is a division of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Victory House Parish, Rialto California. The purpose of welfare is to help members of the church to become self-reliant and to care for the poor and needy in the church, and also reaching out to those in our community e.g. the Orphans, sick, homeless & widows. Also, the welfare ministry provides refreshment on Sundays for members, visitors/guest and on special events that take place in the church.

The welfare ministry gives us an opportunity to look into the life of our Lord Jesus Christ and also to experience the type of life he lived while on earth. The bible made it clear to us in Matthew 25vs40: "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." The ministry of our Lord Jesus was focused on giving to the needy.


Usher's Ministry

In modern times, the church usher has many duties. Depending on the church's denomination, size, and preferences, ushers may perform all, some, or a few of the following: (1) Greet people entering the service, (2) Seat attendees (though it is common for attendees to seat themselves), (3) Collect the tithes and offering,(4) Keep order at the entrance, (5) Clean and prepare the Church, (6) Count people in service, (7) Distributing and collecting surveys (such as visitor pamphlets), (8) Distribute bulletins and service programs , and (9)Prepare the altar for service.

Ushers are required to be punctual and time conscious as they are required to be in the church far earlier than the rest of the congregation, who may still be at Sunday school or before or during Sunday school. Since they are part of the service, they need to meet early in order to pray with the clergy. Adequate spiritual preparation by the usher ensures a service full of the presence of God.


Music Ministry

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Worship moves the hand of God to do extra ordinary things in our lives, no wonder David was called a man after Gods heart, surmounting all mountains and controlled all situations.
The Vessels of Praise, The Music Ministry is blessed with a team of committed members and we are positively affecting the world around Rialto and beyond with the gift of music. Our earnest desire is to make heaven and to take as many as possible with us-that is why we channel our efforts through a church with a vision.